Why Add Meat Curry Paste in Your Cooking?

Adding AsianMeals Meat Curry Paste while cooking dishes like kari ayam or chicken curry bestows you with many benefits. Let us have a quick look at some of the advantages of adding it to your meat recipes.

  • Quick Cooking: With readymade meat curry paste or kari daging, you save a tremendous amount of time while cooking tedious meat recipes.
  • Enhance Taste: AsianMeals meat curry paste is the perfect blend of ingredients that infuses tempting taste to your meat dishes.
  • Superb Texture: Adding AsianMeals meat curry paste in your cooking process means ensuring a great texture to your meat dishes.

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Why Add Assam Pedas Sauce in Your Cooking?

Assam Pedas Sauce by AsianMeals is an amazing ingredient for enhancing the taste, texture and aroma of your dishes, especially if it is Fish Tamarind or Assam Pedas. Let us have a quick look at the basic info about it.

What is Assam Pedas Sauce?

Assam is the popular Indonesian word meant for “tamarind”. Tamarind is a tropical fruit that gives a tangy, sweet and sour flavour to our Assam Pedas Sauce. Being much milder than other types of Indonesian sambals, it comprises an authentic blend of mild peppers with hints of coconut and lime.

Get High-Quality Assam Pedas Sauce

As AsianMeals Assam Pedas Sauce you get a fine-quality Assam Pedas sauce in Malaysia that adds delight to your food. Explore the collection of kitchen sauces & readymade pastes by AsianMeals and discover the culinary magic through them.