How To Make Perfect Stir Fry Dishes

Stir-fry is a common method of cooking various dishes in Asian kitchens. As the word itself suggests, it is the process to fry the ingredients of your dish like meat, fish, or vegetables swiftly over high heat while stirring briskly. Subsequently, adding other ingredients along with black pepper sauce or stir fry sauce or readymade paste can make the taste and aroma of your dish extraordinary. 

If you are making a stir-fry dish and want to attain the best of taste that will make your loved ones stunned at the dinner table, then you need to follow the below-mentioned tips. Let us have a quick glance at the suggestions to make delicious stir-fry dishes.  

  1. Wok or frying pan should be remarkably hot: Before putting any ingredients in the pan, take some ample time to heat it. As the frying method usually involves oil, it should be hot enough to cook the ingredient fully while being partially or fully emerged in the oil. 
  1. Avoid cooking chilled meat, fish or vegetable: Cooking ice-cold meat through frying is an undesirable combination. That combination makes it tougher to cook the meat evenly throughout and you will not be able to attain desired taste.
  1. Avoid cooking the meat or vegetables in bulk. Cook the meat or vegetable pieces in batches. You need to make sure that each piece is getting cooked thoroughly. Avoid putting them in bulk for frying and give an amount of time till you get them turned golden brown with a crisp outer layer. 
  1. Cook vegetables separately: While making stir-fry meat dishes, make sure that you are cooking vegetable ingredients and meat ingredients separately. Both need different kinds of heat for different amounts of time and cooking them at once is simply going to spoil one of them. Either you will get burned vegetables or under-cooked meat ingredients. 

After cooking the meat first and vegetables separately, you can add other necessary items like spices along with black pepper sauce or stir fry sauce or readymade paste to attain astonishing taste and aroma. Make sure gravy is slurpy enough to enjoy an incredible eating experience with your loved ones.

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